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150 Years Celebrations for Alexander von Zemlinsky in Prague.

Bach Brandenburg concerto no. 5
With Michal Friedlander, Nikolaus Boewer and Petra Schiessel.

Friedberger Musiksommer Festival 2021

Karl-Heinz and I have been running this wonderful festival out side of Augsburg for the last 20 years..

We are so lucky to have a devoted group of organizers who manage year after year to fill the halls and gather more and more support for the festival.

This year we played only in one venue, with all the hygiene ruls in place and no orchestra concert. 

And still.. the audience came. Sold out concerts. 

Music, friendship and joy.

A festive opening to our new Verein
At the Mendelssohn Remise in Berlin


With Claudio Bohorquez, Karl Heinz Steffens, Claudia Barainsky, Michal Friedländer, Hartmut Rohde and Roman Trekel (not in photo)!


A special highlight was the performances of Roman Trekel. And I got to accompany him in Wolf and Carl Loewe Ballades. wow.


As our big orchestra concert couldn't take place, we took the opportunity to celebrate this festival with many different soloists. It was a joy to meet up with so many old friends and get to know some new ones. 

Schumann with my old friend the amazing Beatrice Muthelet. 

Some years ago I wrote a concert for children with a very special protagonist, the Motiv Detektiv..

This year he (she!) came to visit us again in the Friedberger Musiksommer for our first ever children concert.

I am grateful for the enormous talent and generosity of my fellow creators Tal Balshai and Nadine Schori - and to all the Friedberger ensemble players!


Nadine Schori!!!! 

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